Hot Stove 2014 Ep. 1

Nate and Ben talk about some of their 2014 pre-season predictions, they Jason Heyward trade, some of the minor moves the Cardinals have made, the

Week 24: @Reds, Rockies

Nate and Ben discuss the rotation, MATT HOLLIDAY SMASH, the series against the Reds, the series against the Rockies, THE PLAYOFFS?!?!

Week 23: Pirates, @Brewers

***Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded with less than stellar microphones due to reasons explained in the podcast. Sorry for the clicking! Nate and Ben

Week 22: @Pirates, Cubs

Nate and Ben discuss YADI YADI YADI, FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE, the disappointing yet understandable series against the Pirates, and a series against

Week 21: Reds, @Phillies

Nate and Ben discuss the SWEEP of the Reds, Jon Hamm?, Dirty the Clutch Daniel Descalso, Wacha and Yadi, the disappointing series against the Phillies,

Week 20: @Marlins, Padres

Nate and Ben talk about TLR, injured players, the series against the Marlins and the doom that it brought, Matthew McConaughey, the Royals?!?!, the Cardinals

Week 19: Red Sox, @Orioles

Nate and Ben discuss Jason Motte, Wacha, the pretty good, and emotional, series against the Red Sox, Masterson, Lackey, Game of Thrones, Katy Perry, some

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